Kori Bustard Species Survival Plan 

A collaboration between zoos, field scientists, and educators.
You have found the Kori Bustard Species Survival Plan website. Here you will learn all about this amazing bird and its African habitat. You can also find out what zoos and scientists are doing to conserve this species and ways to help.

The kori bustard species survival plan supports and develops captive breeding programs, has developed a husbandry manual for zoos, supports field research, and educates the public about issues related to bustard conservation.  
What's a species survival plan?

Birds that bark?
Koris bark when alarmed and that's not all:
  • The largest bustard (Ardeotis kori kori) is one of the largest flying birds, although they prefer to run away from danger.  Males can reach weights of 16 to 19 kilograms (35-42 pounds)! Learn more in Natural History.
  • During the breeding season, the male performs a "ballon" display by inflating his esophagus by as much as four times its normal size.  Learn more in Reproduction.

Educators: This website provides activities you can use with your students to teach them about birds. There is also a printable kori bustard coloring sheet, kori bustard crossword, and link to an interactive puzzle!

The Kori Bustard Species Survival Plan is a program of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

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